Past Fundraising

Our merchandise is a valuable way to raise funds and is also a great way to promote our group

Holding Hands Among other things, The Friends have provided:

  • A Bladder Scanner
  • Freesat for all rooms
  • Air scrubbing and purification equipment
  • Colour coded redecoration of wards including fixtures, fittings and purchase of colourful melamine crockery (to help patients with dementia)
  • Coffee/chocolate machine for visitors that also raises funds
  • Dopplex ability to assist in assessing circulation
  • N.H.S. Port-a-Cabin for storage to provide a safer environment
  • Specialist fans for patient comfort and infection control
  • Speciality chairs for patients
  • Hover Jack to aid and assist movement
  • Patient and Staff Christmas Presents, Special Birthdays and Patient Easter Eggs
  • Non-slip slipper socks
  • Staff specialist training
  • Pressure washer
  • New Storage
  • TVs for bedrooms
  • INR Machine for the local District Nursing Team
  • Trolley for the laptop – the hospital staff now work on a paperless system, they use laptops and tablets at the patients bedside which cut down on “office time” and allow the team to have direct access to the patients records including test results, past history etc, allowing for overall better care.